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The blog Italian News Clicks has a new look and new content.  In addition to the articles that we have been selecting since 2009, Italian News Clicks  now also includes teaching material based on the articles – cultural and grammatical notes and exercises that the authors have created.

If you click on “Teachers’ material” you will find “L’Italia sui giornali,” the first “Ikea” style e-book for teaching and learning –  a modular and ready-to-use textbook built around some of our articles and organized in six thematic units. 
Its main features:
*expandable*   *authentic*   *updated*    *interactive*   * free*


In the five years since its launch, Italian News Clicks has collected a variety of articles aimed at offering an objective and honest portrayal of Italy, always with an eye to unusual and catching news. Newspaper articles represent the best way to get a “touch and feel” experience of today’s Italy.

Our website intends to make this material available for free to teachers and educational institutions involved in the teaching of the Italian language and culture, in Italy and in the rest of the world.

L’Italia sui giornali is designed to be used as an online textbook for an “in class” course. Its features and methodological approach are particularly successful in a live and interactive environment.

All we ask you to do when you access and, hopefully, use the material, is to share your comments with us and the other users.

The motivations behind the idea to use an open access platform are the following:

I.  The Internet has transformed the world of teaching. However, while the material available is unlimited, teachers’ time is not. The purpose of Italian News Clicks and of our e-book, L’Italia sui giornali is to offer a selection of articles and some ideas on how to use them in the classroom. Our online units are a sample of that, and like Ikea furniture they are modular  – Teachers can freely assemble or break down the units to their needs.

II.  The “live and lively” image that emerges from our over 450 articles is the strength of our project. Casting this image in a printed textbook would deprive it of its vitality

III. Hardcopy textbooks take too long to be published and nullify the effort to use constantly updated news and material.

IV. Open access does not only mean “free” material but also, and more importantly, it means “interaction”.  We need your feedback, and if you use our material, we would like you to share the experience with us.

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